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Western Chemical / LMI / SGS / SiA

We stock a majority of the Western Chemical, LMI, SGS, SiA parts and a full line of accessories in our Oklahoma City location.


We carry a full line of drum gauges, fittings, and atomizers.

Kenco 1 Drum Guage

For use on Horizontal 55 Gallon Tanks
pdf_new2Kenco 1 Product Summary

Kenco 2 Drum Guage

598 Drum Gauge, 599 Drum Gauge, 779 Drum Gauge, and 779-KS Drum Gauge
pdf_new2Kenco 2 Product Summary

Kenco 3 Drum Guage

787 Drum Gauge, 810 Drum Gauge, 779-PB Drum Gauge
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Kenco 4 Drum Guage

The 929-1-S Pump Setting Gauge allows you to accurately set your chemical pump in order to inject the correct amount of chemical. The 929-1-S is offered with 1/4″ MNPT bottom connection and 1/4″ FNPT upper connection. It provides a visual gauge showing the liquid level in the reservoir in addition to a rapid means for setting.
pdf_new2Kenco 4 Product Summary

Western Atomizer

Increases injection pressure approximately 400 P.S.I over line pressure. This extra energy released into the flow line accelerates mixing of liquids or promotes atomization of liquid into gas.
pdf_new2Western Atomizer Product Summary

pdf_new2     ANX

Western Line Check

With a 12000 PSIG Max working Pressure and 25 to 75 PSI Cracking Pressure.
pdf_new2Western Line Check Product Summary


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