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GRACO JR Chemical Injection Pump

Graco JR (pdf)

Python XL-DA Series Pumps

Pneumatically Operated Double Acting Pumps for Chemical Injection

Python XL-DA series pumps are suitable for chemical injection applications that require higher flows at high pressures.

The Python  XL-DA pumps operate on low gas or compressed air pressures and utilize the same Merkur air motor used on other Graco products. The Graco patented high efficiency air valve helps minimize fugitive emissions and gas recovery can be achieved on specific models. The Python XL-DA pumps fluid in both stroke directions which provides continuous flow operation and prevents the pump from air locking.


  • Pumps fluid in both directions of the stroke for increased flows
  • Provides continuous flow operation for better pump efficiencies
  • Anti-locking so air cannot get trapped inside air motor and stall pump
  • Pump can free itself of air and resume pumping without any adjustments
  • Simple pump design for quick seals replacement
  • Recoverable exhaust gas with kit
  • 4.5” air motors come ready for a gas recovery add-on kit


Python XL-DA Series Pumps (pdf)